Swift posts

App Clips: A first glance at the new way to access an iOS app

iOS 14 introduces App Clips that allows making some of our app’s functionality available to users who don’t have the full app installed. In this article we take a first glance at this new feature.

Migrating from Jekyll to Publish: A site generator for Swift developers

Swift community is growing and so is the variety of tools that are being created. In this blog article we'll go through the creation of a blog using a static site generator Publish.

Building a real-world iOS app (Part 5): Using Clean Swift for developing testable and scalable views

In this part of the series we'll be using Clean Swift architecture for developing new features and keeping our code testable, scalable and maintainable.

Building a real-world iOS app (Part 4): Design

We'll see how Sketch can be used to create minimalist application screen design and app icon.

Building a real-world iOS app (Part 3): Fetching and parsing data from API

In this part of the series we'll be fetching and parsing data from the backend using Alamofire and Codable.

Building a real-world iOS app (Part 2): Separating application into frameworks

We'll continue creating an application by overviewing how to properly setup the application.

Building a real-world iOS app (Part 1): Introduction

We'll be creating and releasing an iOS application by showing a real thinking process, going through essential steps and providing the motivation behind them.