App Store Archive

Here are some of the applications I published that are no longer available in the App Store:

beMED (2020)


The beMED was the first Medical Application in Lithuania. It provided medical staff with easy and convenient access to complex medical forms, scales, and classifications.

  • Created a JSON structure that supports the definition of different measurements, mathematical expressions, and conclusions which was used to generate dynamic and interactive UIs.
  • Persisted data using Firebase which allowed to update the data of the application remotely.

Aerogami (2019)

iOS application for discovering flight ideas.

Aerogami was written entirely in Swift. It was used to show iOS application creation approach which separates code into frameworks, leveraging RxSwift for composing asynchronous operations and used the newest Swift APIs for encoding and decoding data.


What's The Score? (ViscaWeb) (2017 - 2018)

This livescore application was created for the World Cup 2018 which presented many fun challenges in dealing with the constant flow of the data.

What's The ScoreWhat's The ScoreWhat's The ScoreWhat's The ScoreWhat's The Score

Būk Detektyvas (Be Detective) (2017 - 2018)

Buk Detektyvas

„Būk Detektyvas!” was a location-based application that allowed users to travel and discover interesting places. It was possible to have an account, share the experiences and compete with the others. This application also used image editing technologies creating the possibility to compare future and past images in real-time. It was created together with the National Lithuanian Television.

  • Stored and processed user-generated data using Firebase Realtime Database, Database Rules, and Cloud Functions that allowed to guard private data as well as generate public statistics and the leaderboard.
  • Implemented interactive location-based quizzes using MapKit and CoreLocation.
  • Developed animations using CoreAnimation which resulted in a user-friendly experience.
Buk DetektyvasBuk DetektyvasBuk DetektyvasBuk Detektyvas

Summerburst Baltic (2016)


Summerburst Baltic ’16 was an application for the international music festival. This application followed the modern design guidelines to reflect the event’s brand and spirit. The users of this application could follow the social network activity of the organizers and artists. Additionally, it was allowed to set reminders for your favorite performances and receive important notifications. Location services were also used to enable easier navigation in the territory of an event.


Radistai Village (2015 - 2016)

Radistai Village

Radistai Village ’15 was a music festival application. Using the application users could conveniently check the schedule for all the events. Moreover, it was possible to set reminders for your favorite performances and receive important notifications about them. This application contained an originally designed event map that shows the user’s location and convenient information.

Radistai Village ’16 was a new version of the musical festival application. It gave the organizers a possibility to always keep the schedule up-to-date and notify users of the changes. Moreover, it displayed the social network feeds to keep in touch with the organizers and artists.

Radistai Village